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5W super bright LED bulbs - 220V
    Giá: 80.000 vnd

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    *   super bright LED bulbs are used to replace the compact bulbs or incandescent bulbs, with the advantages of LED technology super bright LED bulb is expected to be the future of lighting on the world.

    - Electrical Power Savings: LEDs use light-emitting diode technology for maximum lighting performance, reduce power waste

     - Longevity: Minimum Life of LED is 50,000 hours. (Compact ball 10 times)

     - Reduce the risk of fire, improve performance by a very low heat LED lamps in the working process.

    -   No UV, no flickering, very comfortable for the eyes

    - Environmentally friendly: Reducing CO2 gas emissions, reduce the amount of waste into the environment (due to higher life expectancy Led) Gas not use mercury. 
    -  Easy installation, replacement and maintenance costs are lower

    -  Resistant to mild impact

    -   Sleek, surface-quality and high-quality paint

    -   Warranty: 1 month



    - Power: 5W

    - Voltage: 150V - 250V

    - Lamp Holder: E27

    Giá: 80.000 vnd

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    5W super bright LED bulbs - 220V

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