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Computer UPS 2000VA (UPS2000DP27)
    Giá: 2.250.000 vnd

  • It is inconvenient when you are using your computer, a sudden power failure or unstable electricity use every effort so we work previously considered lost because of a power failure even for a few milliseconds will the risk of losing information or disrupt the process of exchanging data and computer requirements of digital systems to reboot. Not only that sudden power failure, or current use reduces unstable life of the machine can lead to damage and data loss.

           The solution for you is to use the UPS products Dr Power.
           With superior technology and significant experience in the field of manufacturing electrical storage devices, Dong Duong Group has research and manufacturing product line to use for computer, that is Computer UPS "Dr Power", specifically for the PC power with premium features Vietnam's product line is the longest time to save power and the largest capacity on the market, to maintain current from 07 minutes to 8 hours after the loss grid, which is used to replace the generator but not expensive petrol, pollution, noise or headache. The capacity of the equipment from 600VA to 800kVA UPS.
              • UPS can be used to run equipment from 07-20 minutes to even an hour is from 4 - 16 hours (A computer can then select one or more UPS 500VA capacity is, depending on the computer requirements to run the How long the battery can choose inside (save power 07-25 minutes) or external battery type UPS to 16h)
              • UPS runs automatically switch to battery power when the grid and load itself when empty.
             • UPS can control lightning and electrical shock, short circuit protection and overload ... And quite a lot of features: calendar turned off, overload ...
            • If you are using a source of instability, the UPS will automatically adjust to your current phone line stability, this is safe for the lack of electric.
            With UPS, your appliances can continue working after a power outage without interruption doan.Voi many different types of UPS: UPS-Online UPS-Ofline, UPS-mounted external battery. With us, your customers will have more choices for their needs with the different capacity: 500VA, 600VA, 1KVA, 10kVA, 20kVA, 40kVA, 100kVA, 300kVA, 400KVA ...

    Giá: 2.250.000 vnd



    Capacity (model): 

    2000VA (UPS2000DP27)

    Peak power::

     4000 VA

    Input voltage:

    140VAC - 290VAC


     50Hz or 60Hz  +  5% 

    Output voltage:

     220VAC  ±  5%


    50Hz +  2% 

    Battery charge mode:


    Automatic battery charging:


    Automatically shut off when fully charged battery:


    Switching time:


    Rating batteries:

    2 x 7.5a/h

    UPS Time:

    > 40 minutes / 01 computer

    Charging time:

     13 hours




    > 7 kg

    Retail Price

    2.250.000 VNĐ


    06 months


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    Computer UPS 2000VA (UPS2000DP27)

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