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3000VA  Dr Power UPS DOORS (LD301)
    Giá: 3.500.000 vnd

  • You sure you will not be at home when you are outside and not in the house. Even if someone in your household had to wait 10 to 15 minutes and it is heavy, hard to pull a book store chain-pulley.
    The opening of the chain by pulling the pulley will reduce the life of the mechanical systems of electric motor and sometimes it is damaged when you are halfway into the house.
    When power all day, you're home alone and suddenly have to go outside the fold soon but how to be closed on the following.


    UPS's book for "your solution"



    + When the grid voltage range from 170V - 240V machine will automatically connect the grid to store and recharge the batteries.

    +   When the grid loss or pressure drop to less than 160V machine will automatically switch to the store to use power generated from the computer (grid voltage fall below 160V power is considered).

    Using CHIP + dedicated processor.

    + System overload protection and short circuit.

    + System while protecting low-voltage battery Accu.

    + Using high-frequency transformers for high efficiency energy saving.

    + Chargers Battery Systems Smart charger for 13 hours to reach 90% battery capacity.

    + Socket output is compatible with all multi-plug type keys.

    + Using the dry battery is maintenance free.

    + Designed for professional use electric motors for shutter door.



    - Hanging by mounting machine with a dedicated machine.

    - Connect the plug of the book to drive Motor 220V OUTPUT hip machine.

    - Plug the computer plugs into the socket 900 LD 220 mesh.

    - Turn on the switch before the machine to the ON position.


    Indicator LEDs on the face of the machine:

    LED lights on the machine with 03 different light colors correspond to the operating status of the computer Save electricity:

    - Blue: notice the machine is operating and is powered DOORS.

    - Yellow: notice battery is charging, the battery no lights will flash green.

    - Red alert batteries run out or overload.



    - Installation in dry and ventilated place, avoiding moisture, water.

    - When used regularly plugging into the grid.

    - May not be turned off using the power switch. For storage over a month to plug about 11 hours to recharge batteries and maintenance.

    Giá: 3.500.000 vnd


     Model:  LD 301


     3000 VA

    Peak power:

     6000 VA

    Input voltage:

     12V DC

    Input voltage:

     220VAC ± 10%


     50Hz or 60Hz  +   5% 

    Output voltage:

     220VAC ± 5%


     50Hz  +  2% 

    Battery charge mode:


    Automatic battery charging:


    Automatically shut off when fully charged battery:


    Batteries Capacity:

    12v - 24A

    UPS Time:

    36 hours

    Charging time

     13 hours

    Motor Application:

    900kg ~ 1.200Kg

    Retail price:

    3,500,000 USD


     12 months

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    3000VA  Dr Power UPS DOORS (LD301)

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