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Tia Sang Battery 12v-70 AH
    Giá: 2.039.000 vnd

  • Production plant disaster: Ton Duc Thang Avenue, An Dong Commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong City

    Representative office: 94 Contemporary TCH05, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, 12 District , Ho Chi Minh city


    Giá: 2.039.000 vnd

  • Field of application :

    Dry Sealed Batteries (MF) is used as a way to power:

    1 The office equipment, battery backup for UPS, Inverter, Solar, Telecom, the Svetlana ...

    2 emergency lighting.

    Third computer, the power supply network When the power outage.

    4 Light guide.

    The communication device 5.

    6 Operation of the device.

    7 The measuring equipment.

    8 alarm system.

    9 power transformer station

    10 Start the car and motorcycles ....


    Nominal voltage


    Nominal capacity (20 hours)

    70 Ah (discharge to 10.8 V)

    Mode discharge capacity 10 hours

    65Ah (discharge to 10.5 V)

    Mode discharge capacity 05 hours

    59.5 Ah (discharge to 10.2 V)

    Mode discharge capacity 01 hours

     42Ah (discharge to 9.6 V)

    Storage temperature dependence

    30 0 C (86 0 F)


    25 0 C (77 0 F)


    10 0 C (50 0 F)


    - 10 0 C (14 0 F)


    Interior or

    No load at 25 0 C (77 0 F)

    Less than 7mΩ

    Biggest launch line

    280 A

    Self discharge (20 0 C, 68 0 F)

    After 01 months of


    After 03 months of


    After 06 months of



    24.5 kg

    Performance weight (20 hours)

     34.3 Wh / kg

    Volumetric efficiency

    80 Wh / l

    Mode constant voltage charging

    Women often loaded

    Load voltage

    13.7 to 13.9 V (25 0 C)

    Maximum load line

    Less than 28A


    Load voltage

    14.7 to 15.0 V (25 0 C)

    Maximum load line

    Less than 28A

    Battery Life Expectancy

    Women often loaded

    At 25 0 C (77 0 F)

    6-8 years

    At 35 0 C (95 0 F)

    3 to 5 years


    Discharge 100%

    300 cycles

    Discharge 50%

    600 cycles

    Discharge 30%

    1500 cycles

    Type of electrode

    Bolts with nuts

    Materials cover & battery cover


    Dimensions (± 2mm)







    Total height



    Sealed batteries dry (KK) is not maintained (Maintenance Free - MF) Bringing brands TS, PHOENIX, EVERSUN, ELNIKA by Tia Sang Battery Company in the Korean device manufacturing technology U.S., Italy and South Korea lead battery types - acid contained in the dry Advantages so sánh to more traditional batteries, mà are:

    1 - Structure of leakage:

     Use the leaves to absorb. All electrical service panels are adsorbed in the anode, cathode and leaves the way. By Designing this special seal will not leak fluid and can be used for any device that obvious and in any position.

    2 - No need to Maintain the operation:

     No need to check the battery Proportion of Electricity During service or additional water use. Battery completely closed and just charge for maintenance.

         3 - The low self-discharge:

          Self-discharge is reduced to a minimum by using ultra-alloy lead frames - calcium (Pb - Ca).

         4 - No Corrosive gas emissions:

           Sealed Battery Incorporated design a controller capable of generating the gas and allow the batteries together in more than 99%, the amount of gas generated in the standard use conditions.

         5 - The ability to recover after deep discharge Quickly:

           The leaves absorb the fiberglass components particularly Improved balance sheet and positive service electrical system, always Improving battery capacity after deep discharge recovery.

         6 - Safety in use:

           Gas in the battery are combined together without getting out. Ensure Safety valves and explosion-proof filters When the load structure.

         7 - You can use the connection capacity by more normal and parallel to each other:

         Batteries can be used to power by connecting to the normal parallel to each other and play up to three circuits đó serial.



    User dunes:

    1. Put new batteries in use:


     * Check the status of battery power no:


    Sealed dry battery power of factory pre-loaded so used ngay. During the installation process of of of should use caution, avoidability extreme short-short-circuit both ends per head may explode or burn. Before you put to use, check the voltage:

    • If the battery voltage U = 2:09 Volt / battery unit (U = 12:54, respectively Volt with battery 12volt) can be used ngay.
    • If voltage is less than needed additional charge with constant voltage (see Section 2 - battery charging)

    * In the process of not using additional water and electric service ratio test (not opening the side).

    * When the battery discharges, if the voltage drops 1.80 Volt / Compartment (U = 10.80, respectively Volt with battery 12V) to stop the discharge and recharge the battery just is not long for power hungry (see section 2).

      2. Battery charging:


    When the battery has run out or release unused for long periods have recharged the battery by:

    • Sport anode of the battery with the positive charge of the machine, the negative battery charging machine with cathode.
    • Continuous charging mode voltage U = 2:40 to 2:50 Volt (with batteries of 2 V), U = 14.4 to 14.5 Volt (with 12V battery). Maximum load line must be less than 0:25 average value of capacity (see table below) 

    Battery of 2V

    Women Often loaded

    Load voltage

    ¸ 2:35 V 2.25 V

    Maximum load line (A)

    £ 0.25 stated value per volume

    Load cycles

    Load voltage

    ¸ 2:40 V 2:50 V

    Maximum load line (A)

    £ 0.25 stated value per volume

    Battery type 12V

    Women Often loaded

    Load voltage

    ¸ 13.5 V 13.8 V

    Maximum load line (A)

    £ 0.25 stated value per volume

    Load cycles

    Load voltage

    V ° v 15:00 14:40

    Maximum load line (A)

    £ 0.25 stated value per volume

     3. Preservation and storage batteries:


     * New Sealed batteries dry if not used must be Kept dry, cool place. Avoid short circuit available for Bringing Electricity.

    During storage, additional storage of charging of should periodically schedule of the sau:

    • 01 times 18 months if the storage temperature, storage is 20 0 C
    • 01 times 12 months if the storage temperature, storage at 30 0 C
    • 01 times 09 months if the storage temperature, storage at 40 0 C

    * Dry Sealed Batteries are the temporary use if no longer use must be cleaned, preserved in dry, cool. Periodically additional charge as items 2 and 3.

    4. Battery Warranty:

    - Lead-acid batteries, sealed dry Produced by Battery Corporation flares 06 month warranty from date of purchase. You need to warranty the battery purchase invoice and warranty in accordance with need battery warranty.

    - During the warranty period if the battery damage due to fault of the manufacturer Shall repair or exchange company, the customer does not pay.

    - The Company does not warrant the battery due to customer misuse, as instructed, catch fire, breakage, bark chips or changes the individual traces of the manufacturer.

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    Tia Sang Battery 12v-70 AH

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