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GPS navigation devices, tracking, vehicle monitoring TK102
    Giá: 2.500.000 vnd

  • GPS navigation devices, tracking, vehicle monitoring online TK102 - 2,500,000 USD 
    TK102 is a positioning device (GPS tracker) wireless is very compact design. The size of the positioning device has TK102 pocket, can be mounted inside the costume, clipped to the subjects to locate, monitor and supervise ... TK102 can be operated by its power directly from battery vehicles or over a period of about 8-12 hours with battery backup equipment available.


    Principle of operation:
    TK102 positioning device operates based on two types of wave is a wave of GPS satellites (used to determine the location of equipment) and mobile air (via SMS or GPRS protocol) to communicate location information of the device on the mobile phone number or on a pre-configured server. Inside the device is fitted with a GPS chipset to capture the satellite signal and a SIM mobile phone to send / receive SMS messages or GPRS signal.

    Thus customers can use the managed services and monitoring and supervision by means of our online offer, to track the location, movement speed, direction, time stops, ... in moment of the vehicle. In addition, customers can view the entire moving process, the operating parameters of the vehicle at the time in the past and reports to support the mileage, fuel consumption, etc. ..

    TK102 When positioning device mounted on the vehicle, it will work because the power supply directly from the battery, so when the car off, the device continues to operate. Even when the power connector from the battery disconnected, the battery on the device still allows continuous signal transmission on the position of about 8 to 12 hours.



    TK102 positioning devices suitable for positioning work, tracking and monitoring of human, personal property, automobiles, motorcycles, boats and other transportation. The design features and price of TK102 appropriate equipment to meet all school subjects.


    • Anti-theft in self-drive car rental, transportation management;
    • Executive Management distribution passenger car, truck
    • Management and supervision of the elderly and children;
    • Management of livestock and other assets;
    • Record route for the mission trip or picnic;
    • Track and trace criminal investigation; 



    - Monitoring real-time (realtime) using band GSM / GPRS
    - Monitoring needs
    - Management of the area to be monitored (GEOFENCE)
    - You can hear conversations from far away (depending on model)
    - SOS emergency button




    Giá: 2.500.000 vnd

  • Accessories:

    Ministry of positioning devices include:
    a TK102 GPS navigation devices (GPS tracker)
    a Li-ion battery reversing
    a vehicle charger to source
    an instruction manual in English (Default user manual)

    Technical Features 

    • location tracking devices in real time (realtime) with GPS technology
    • Data GPRS positioning technology
    • Report location devices on demand via SMS
    • Managing Input / output in the area to be surveyed close (GEOFENCE)
    • Function eavesdropping.
    • Emergency Button SOS message


    • GPS chipset: SiRF-Star III;
    • Channel (Channel): 20;
    • device sensitivity (Sensitivity):-159dBm.
    • Accuracy within 5 meters (Precision: Within 5 meters

    The application of the product: 

    - Anti-theft vehicles for transportation, as well as management of facilities;
    - Management of children, the elderly and pets;
    - Record route for the mission trip or picnic ;
    - Tracking the crime

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    GPS navigation devices, tracking, vehicle monitoring TK102

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