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GPS Global Positioning
    Giá: 2.350.000 vnd

  • The electronics for everyone. Knowing your location anywhere in the world.

    LCD located on the map with GPS machine with integrated video Mp4 GPS with touch screen Mp3 player with excellent touch screen with integrated GPS. There video input for car reverse camera, excellent image quality

    Map of electronic music and movies with the touch screen. The electronics for everyone. Knowing your location anywhere in the world.

    Application: for hand-held or mounted on vehicles. Show maps and the location of the machine or vehicle on the map. An effective tool for when you leave home or to other local not worry lost. 4.3 inch screen with the ability to be controlled by finger touch. HP integrates many common applications for residential use. Turn your device into entertainment with music, watch movies, view photos, play games. put the machine into a tiny frame on the desk and into the guide when you are out. And many other applications are applications on the operating system installed on the machine.
    You can use the product in the car with start up or hand-held glass


    - Stands catching glass

    - 12V plug pipe

    - 220V

    Technical information of machine
    Product features  

    ◆ OS: Microsoft WinCE.NET 6.0

    ◆ CPU chip: SiRF AtlasIV 500MHz 65nm, quickly locate; collecting channel 20

    ◆ Number of GPS satellite channel can receive: 20

    ◆ Memory: 64MB (2x256Mb) DDR SDRAM (ALPIDA singapore) & 64MB Flash ROM (Toshiba 1Gbit) / external SD / MMC card

    ◆ Battery & Time: Built-in lithium battery, 2.5 hours

    ◆ Language: Menu and Software Support for English


    ● TFT Screen: 4.3 inch, 16:09 TFT LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 480 × 272

    ● video playback: Supports file formats: Supports ASF, MPEG4, MP4, 3GP, AVI

    ● Music: support for Real Audio, WMA, MP3, WAV format

    ● entertainment with four games available

    ● Picture browsing: support JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF format

    ● E-book: Support to view the file TXT format text font Tahoma

    ● Install the system include: adjust volume / brightness backlight / Language / date and time zone / test point touch screen / Restore factory configuration / information system / interface type USB port the card or charge / give the path to mapping software / FM transmitter from 76Mhz to 108 Mhz

    ● Connect USB: Full Speed ​​USB 2.0, mini USB input for charging interface

    ● Memory Expansion: SD / MMC card slot, support SD memory card expansion, maximum capacity is 32GB (tried with 16GB SD card)


    ● Audio: Built-in speaker / stereo headphone jack

    ● Positioning GPS:
    Built-in high sensitivity GPS antenna

    KD Cold start: 58 sec Hot Start KD: 5 seconds (outdoor conditions)
    Update rate: 1 times / second, continuous
    Position Accuracy: 10 m
    Speed ​​precision: 0.1 m / s

    ● charge and interface: Built-in lithium polymer battery 900mAh/3.7v, mini USB port, 5V DC power supply

    ● Power Supply Tutorial:
    Connect the adapter light is red when charging
    light is off fully loaded.
    Just use the load is light medium medium medium red green: D

    ● Power: 1.5W
    Packing Accessories: Server (built-in lithium polymer batteries), power adapter, stylus, USB data cable, automotive windshield mount, car frame machine, car charger, instructions use of Chinese,

    ● MP3

    Powerful MP3 player, high-fidelity, speaker volume, supporting multiple music formats. You can also use a 2.5mm stereo jack plug output common to headphones or a stereo system on your vehicle. The ability to adjust the sound great for a frequency range of 170Hz to 17KHz

    ● Review the video
    Support various video formats, high definition widescreen display full-screen, high-speed quality clear and smooth, giving you a smoother meal vision.

    ● e-book

    The volume of e-book can be easily stored in a memory card, this is your personal e-book collection. Speed ​​can be set automatically according to your next page, full-screen viewing. Adjust text color, text using Tahoma font (not support unicode)


    ● E-Album

    A complete electronic photo album function, a way to show your loved ones anywhere. Support multiple image formats, you can play everything in your control.
    ● game features the main technical indicators -Gravity Machine: 199.5g

    -Dimensions (mm) L 119 * W 80 * H 14.5

    -Operating temperature: -15 ° to 60 ° C (-5 ° to 140 ° F)

    -Storage Temperature: -20 ° to 60 ° C (-4 ° to 140 ° F)
    -Input voltage: 5V, 700 mA

    -Output voltage: 3.8V, 230mA-300mA

    -Operating Humidity 80% Note: Product not tolerate high humidity and water. Battery built inside.

    Screen Size 4.3 "black borders Orange. Casing milling aluminum

    Price does not include mapping software.

    No memory card included.

    Households with foam packing carton Shock. Machine weight 1.5 kg box


    Some external information or software may be different due to changes in the image of the plant. Update using: Pin used to 2:30 - 3 hours continuously (Use your PIN. on screen, GPS enabled, there sound directions ...) charging time constant than pin 1:30

    Milling aluminum holding your hand steady and sturdy. Black aluminum

    Using the SD memory card, tried to run the SD memory card 4 and 16GB Kingston and Kingmax 2GB SD transend

    Install and works well with the map as GarminMobileXT software for WindowsCE - Hanoi OziExplorerCE with maps (data taken from the FAQ on the internet GPS).


    Runs fine with R12 version of navigation

    Garmin 2009 Map V5 for download at the following link:

    - Warranty 6 months may

    - PIN 1 month warranty.

    - When you purchase the latest maps installed 2011
    - Actions simply plug it in 5p
    - Accessible for motorcycles and cars

    Giá: 2.350.000 vnd

  • Machine configuration:
        - CPU: MTK Atlas-IV, dual-core (ARM 11, 500MHz)
        - Flash Memory: 1 GB
        - RAM: 128MB DDR (Optional)
        - Display: 5 "WVGA TFT LCD / 16:9 / 800 * 480 / Resistive type touch panel
        - GPS Receiver: SiRF 3i +
        - Antenna: Built-in
        - Speaker: Built-in speake
        - Headphone: 3.5mm Stereo Jack Input
        - SD / MMC T-Flash card slot
        - USB: USB2.0 (High speed)
        - 1500m Ah Battery
        - Charge Car: Input: DC +12 V Output: DC +5 V, 2A, via USB
        - AC / DC Adapter: Input: AC 110 ~ 240V; Output: DC +5 V, 2A, via USB

    - Detailed map data 63 provinces in Vietnam

    - Data interface displays a clear, easy to use

    - Detailed information number, street, region

    - Traffic information (sugar 1 pm, 2 pm, restricted roads, traffic signal cartoons ... etc.)

    - Data is constantly updated, free of charge to users.

    - Positioning, navigation and route guidance by global positioning system GPS

    - Display detailed information on the digital map was built by VietMap

    - Feature rich entertainment applications

    - Display view photos, listen to music, watching movies crisp and vivid
    - Support for multiple file formats

    - The interface displays in English / United / Vietnamese
    - voice route guidance by the UK / U.S. / Vietnam

    - Feature to save the route, save the individual discretion

    - Save the personal favorite (your home address, relatives, etc. ..)

    - Save favorite destinations

    - System Name you rich
    - information schools, hospitals, nhaga, airports, tourist attractions ...

    - Regularly updated fee exemption for customers to use
    - usually updated maps every 3 months / 1 was on the website VietMap
    - 6 month Warranty
    - When installed buy the latest maps 2011
    - Actions associated equipment simply being in the 5p
    - Accessible for motorcycles and cars

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    GPS Global Positioning

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