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Motorcycle alarm lock control device
    Giá: 1.490.000 vnd

  • @ The key anti-theft function:

    Anti universal key (Pullers ...) break the lock - Anti-car robbery - Alarms when crooks break the lock - led alarm when the thief drove away - The Remote - Remote Shutdown - Remote Unlock - Find cars in the yard ...

    @ The course consists of two main parts:

     Ministry of IC, the center - howling alarm speakers - Remote control remote

    @ Special: 

     - You can use your mobile phone itself is used instead of the remote control car.

    - Use your phone to lock the car in the alert

    - Use your phone to a remote parking

    - Use your phone to a remote Shutdown

    - Use your phone to Find cars in the yard. Etc.

    - Alarms and motorcycles over the phone compliment unlimited distance, obstructions in unlimited anywhere in the territory of Vietnam.

    - The car crash breaker disconnect illegal start an emergency alarm call, phone message alert alarm immediately to all vehicles when people touch the car or vehicle to commit acts of ginseng you.

    - Not fussy, discrimination device (any device that is connected to even use the phone)

    * Warranty: 12 months

    Giá: 1.490.000 vnd

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    Motorcycle alarm lock control device

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