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Motorcycle alarm lock remote control Suzuki Panasucy
    Giá: 290.000 vnd

  • @ The key anti-theft function effectively:


    Anti universal key (Pullers ...) break the lock - Anti-car robbery - Getting robbed - Alert when crooks break the lock - led alarm when the thief drove away - Remote Shutdown - Remote Unlock - Find the car in the yard ...


    @ The course consists of two main parts:


    - The IC and the alarm siren is assembled inside the car.


    - Remote (remote control). Each of the anti-theft lock is attached to two remote control


    @ The function of the lock:
     Lock touch call:


    - When this mode is turned on when work on the car horn will immediately howl. Sirens howling and lights flashing only about 5 seconds if the immediate impact (unintentionally). If you continue to whistle will impact the big alarm (intentionally). When crooks impact on the car, the alarm will tell us that while protected mode also made ​​the thief can not start the engine and go.
    - This function is or when our car is out of sight such as the one to play, the car to the house, sidewalk, sitting customary residence, when our car at the inn ... Many cases because this regime has not lost the car ...


    * Find the car in the yard:


    - When we go to car parking or in a position of too many cars in the yard is that we just push your car is located by a siren and flashing lights.


    => You do not have to go find my car when it is in a forest in vehicles such as supermarket, Going to the movies, concerts, fairs ...


     * For remote machine.


     * Turn off your car remotely:


    - This mode in case we forgot to turn the protection system when crooks steal the car that you can turn off the remote machine when the thief is using.


    Example: If we just take the car to steal it and leave it running at that time we press a car that is off. We spoiled everybody they complete the poaching. Given that the car robberies increasing as we go now to protect themselves before the thief is also to protect their assets.


     * Anti-hijacking vehicles:


    - When crooks steal cars just pressing the siren and the car will automatically turn off after 20 seconds and just sit theft that cry out vehicles.


     * Emergency Alarm:


    - This mode when we're on the road to overtake another vehicle or just press the siren and lights flashing.


     * Unlock remotely.
     * Turn off remote lock.


     * Anti-average consumption:


    - Use of micro-chips should consume minimal energy.


     * Warranty: 12 months


    Giá: 290.000 vnd

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    Motorcycle alarm lock remote control Suzuki Panasucy

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