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Motorcycle Lock anti-theft chips smart
    Giá: 650.000 vnd

  • Presenting your product key chip intelligent Motorcycle alarm


    * Anti-universal key (break key VAM).

    - With this function when your car unlocked with the key universal or VAM control system will be powered down while sirens and car engine is.

    * Alarm when unlocked or hacked novelty key.

    - Immediately the central control system will alert you.

    * Anti-car robbery - Theft is not going to be key.

    - You accidentally leave your keys in the car or while traveling constellation which has robbed the car can not take the car keys without unlocking the smart chip and the alarm horn (howling).

    - Since the automatic locking mode Pattern is used when the car is immediately shutdown protection mode automatically pop up.

    * Key vehicles: Automatic shutdown and lock horns will notify vehicle owners that open anti-theft system, vehicle owners do not need to lock

    * Unlock a car: Auto open when the chips get smart password and whistles will notify vehicle owners that the car is turned off anti-theft system, without smart chips can not start your vehicle. 


    - Induction of security and operations through smart chip is mounted on all vehicles

    - Each course comes with 02 chips

    - Smart Chip not use any external power source that uses the internal energy of the chip (you'll never have to worry about battery replacement as remove controls).

    - No passwords to remember: all the data encryption algorithm and stored in the chip.

    - The key works only when unlocked cell battery should not drain the car battery, do not touch damaged when the car horn.

    - Products are programmed electronic chip to prevent crooks from breaking the magnet used

    - Safe, simple, easy to assemble without fear of being hit when the car wash and weather resistant weather outside.

    - Retail Price: 650,000 USD / set

    - Warranty: 12 months.

    Giá: 650.000 vnd

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    Motorcycle Lock anti-theft chips smart

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