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Motorcycle alarm department multifunction touch
    Giá: 150.000 vnd

  • Presenting the key you touch the car anti-theft alarm horn.


    * Anti-universal key (break key VAM):

     - With this function when your car unlocked with the key universal (or VAM) system will be powered down while sirens and car engine is.

    * Alarm when unlocked:

     - When your car unlocked system will immediately alert you.
    * Anti-hijacking vehicles:

     - You accidentally leave your keys in the car or while traveling constellation which has robbed the car can not take the car keys when not unlocked from a car alarm and horn (howling).

     - Since the automatic locking mode Pattern is used when the engine is turned off immediately protected mode automatically pop up.

    * Theft is not going to be key.


    - Products are programmed electronic chip to prevent crooks from breaking the magnet used

    - Switch to unlock the secret touch of fear should not touch the car wash, and withstand rain and sun outside. 

    - Action of decoding simple as accidentally touching the secret so no one thinks the car is protected. 

    - Do not wear normal, undamaged car horn when touched. 

    - Safe, simple, easy assembly,

           - Retail: 120,000 attached to some old car locks 4 contacts

           -  Retail Price: 150,000 USD / set attachment for vehicles

    - Warranty: 12 months.

    Giá: 150.000 vnd

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    Motorcycle alarm department multifunction touch

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