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Faculty Motorcycle alarm sensor
    Giá: 99.000 vnd



    - Anti-theft: When a car to home or to the door, the thieves have the keys, open the lock, the thief may cheerful subject, call your local problem will not be explosive.


    Anti-hijack car: You're on the go, be robbers car, you just turn off, bandits, thieves have car keys and could not walk without touching the touch unlock. Since the automatic locking mode Pattern is used when the car is immediately shutdown protection mode automatically pop up.


    - Anti-universal key (break key VAM): With this function when your car unlocked with the key universal (or VAM) will interrupt the power system and vehicle engine is not.


    - Theft is not going to be key: Because thieves have not activated sensor opens up the engine not to be


    - Security: You accidentally or inadvertently left my keys in the car but the car was unlocked car bandits could not walk when it is not touching the touch unlock.

    Features :  The product is programmed electronic chip to prevent crooks from breaking the magnet used

    - Touch the touch points to unlock secrets should not be touching the car wash and weather resistant to rain and sun

    - Action of decoding simple as accidentally touching the secret so no one thinks your car is protected.

    - Do not wear normal, undamaged whistle when touched, stations in the car.

    - Safe, simple, compact size easy assembly to use most of the cars honda


    Retail Price: 90.000vnd/bo Warranty 12 months


    Pattern multitouch DDC 2011A LIGHT ENERGY NOTICE :


     The second type of motorcycle anti-theft sensors 2011A DDC activity similar to the first, but there is more contact points to touch where touch points that is, when you unlock the station completed a hand touch a child's hand points scientific stations on the drive back flank or otherwise induced activation serial, vehicles can not boot (it may). This function is used to combat stubborn thief (thieves know about this report) due to open two touch points of serial IC.


    Retail Price: 120.000vnd/bo 12thang Warranty


    Pattern multitouch Chance KEN DDC 2011B

         The third type of motorcycle anti-theft sensors 2011B DDC activity similar to the first, but with the timer function and alarm. That is, when you unlock completed within 6 seconds if no active sensors, the IC will automatically lock and alarm horn again, and of course you can not launch vehicles (ie the induction will be automatically disabled after 6 seconds). The only way to start the car is off key and start over.


    Retail Price: 1500.000vnd/bo Warranty 12 months


    COLD Pattern  skin reactions ENERGY AND FIGHT PRESS CAR ORDER KEN DDC 2011C :


           Wednesday Type Motorcycle alarm sensors 2011C DDC activity similar to Tuesday, but more alert function ken when booking. That is, when you turn off the lock mode when setting the car alarm started special touch to activate the car alarm ken, rapid even a new car alarm. This function is used to combat stubborn thief (about newspaper theft sensors) due to open the sensor is not always desperate dat car theft.


    Retail Price: 190.000vnd/bo 12thang Warranty


    KEY CHIP SMART Motorcycle alarm


           Type of sensor chip department motorcycle theft activity similar to Tuesday, but is more functional open automatically when the chips get smart password and whistles will notify vehicle owners know that the car is turned off anti-theft system, if no chip can not be launch vehicles and has more functionality car loan (car loan means that the car owner points just to chip in about 3 seconds to identify how balance is not tit tit Pattern in force) when you pay the car loan, car owners simply put chip in identity theft is normally activated.

    Features : Touch smart security operations by programmed chips that billions and installation on all vehicle types each with 02 keys with chips

    - Smart Chip not use any external power source that uses the internal energy of the chip (you'll never have to worry about battery replacement as remove controls).

    - The key works only when unlocked cell battery should not drain the car battery, do not touch damaged when the car horn.


    Retail Price: 650.000vnd/bo Warranty: 12 months

    Technical advice: 0909 296 297 - 0906 136 137

    Giá: 99.000 vnd

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    Faculty Motorcycle alarm sensor

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