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May chase the mouse
    Giá: 250.000 vnd

  • Principle of operation:

    -       A type of computer mouse chase, with IC interrupt the processor emits ultrasonic waves having a frequency range from 30 ~ 60 KHz, a substitute for safe and clean traps or toxic chemicals that you are using.

    -       With some advanced techniques, ultrasonic waves emitted by the machine will create a very uncomfortable environment for pests such as rats, cockroaches, spiders ... making them "lose sleep loss" reduced fertility and to leave other areas.

    HP mouse chase shadow No Mouse

    * Protection and friendly environment.

    * Do not use chemicals.

    * Do not smoke.

    * Does not cause unpleasant odor.

    No cause by dirty bodies of mice.

    * Works effectively without wasting electricity.

    * No need of maintenance.

    * Designed with the latest technology.

    * There is no ongoing cost as the use of a chemical.

    * No cry should not disturb your sleep.
    * Very safe and easy to use. Just plug into a power outlet.

           * Product Warranty: 12 months


    *   Do not place the machine near the sources of heat such as stoves, fireplaces, stoves and other appliances emitting heat else.

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    Giá: 250.000 vnd

  • - Voltage: 220 Vac/50 Hz.    

    - Leakage current at the working temperature: 0.01 mA.

    - Capacity to work: 0.4 W.  

    - Operating Range: 40m 2

    - Announcing TCCL number: No01608 - TCCL DD

    - Number of tests: 0062TN08/1/TDC - KN at the Department of Science & Technology, Measurement and Quality General Department of Vietnam

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    May chase the mouse

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