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battery Vision AGM VRLA 12V-12Ah (CP12120)
    Giá: 506.000 vnd

  • Telecommunications line advanced battery maintenance free: VRLA, using renewable technologies in the bottle of oxygen with high efficiency. Oxygen released at the positive electrode is diffusion through the micro fiberglass panels to the negative electrode. Here it is regenerated to the water as a solvent in the bottle. So no need for maintenance.  



    1.You cathode and anode made ​​of lead-calcium alloy grids with special formula.

    2. Insulation: Insulation fiberglass is produced by high technology with tiny holes to keep complete and reconstruct electrons and water helping the battery life lasts.

     On the other hand, panels work better flow of solvent to the electrode surface to work more efficiently.  

    4. Safety valve: valve system to regulate the evaporation keeps the pressure in the bottle is not too large. On the other hand it also prevents the evaporation of electrolyte reduces the average. Control valve to open only when necessary to ensure safety for battery and for the operator.  

    5. Dry batteries, no maintenance.

     6. Long life, reporters repeatedly loaded.

    7. Installed in different locations.

    8. No effect on the environment, no gas leaked.

    9. Low resistance, low self-discharge.

    10. Move, easy installation.  


    Battery is used for most applications outside the civil power backup and industrial

    one. To reserve:

    System of communication without interrupting power system (UPS) system shutdowns, power stations 110, 220 KV and fire alarm systems, camera lighting emergency and reserve source of medical equipment health. The portable test equipment for the provision of lighting ships, railway and aviation. Redundant systems of computer data. Equipment: OA / FA / HA

    2. Using solar energy: light path for reserve power systems residential solar power. station power at sea, the mountains using solar energy.

    3. The technical features of the 12V battery VISION 

    Giá: 506.000 vnd

  • Code



     VNĐ 507.000


     Backup batteries for UPS, Inverter, Solar, Telecom, the Svetlana, ...









     Dimensions (mm)

     L: 151 - W: 98 - H: 95 - TH: 101


    3.67 Kg


     12 months



     - Completely maintenance free, sealed structure so there is no need to pour water.
     - Case of structured electrodes fastened
     - The pole is made ​​of calcium-lead alloy grid
     - the electrolyte stratification
     - Anti-spill / leakage / performance reunited the 99%
     - With pressure valve thing - stand up to internal pressure 2.5psi
     - Place is in many positions
     - Cabinets and lid made ​​of ABS as standard fire VO - UL94  
     - Low Self-discharge
     - meets UL's global organization.
     - The FAA and IATA certified safety products.
     - Building standards IEC 896-2, DIN 43534, BS 6290 Pt4, Eurobat
     - 10-12 year design life
     - Switchboard
     - Telecommunications / Power
     - UPS
     - Device drivers
     - Measuring Equipment
     - Equipment with pharmaceutical and medical
     - Protection System and Fire Protection
     - Microprocessor
     - Alarm Systems
     - Emergency Lighting System
     - MEC
     - Solar System
     - Maritime Equipment
     - transfer system circuit PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS:  

    - Nominal Voltage: 12V  - Capacity nominal 77 degrees F (25 degrees C)

    - Interior or


    Fully charge the battery 68 degrees F (20 degrees C ).......... 12 mOhms  

    - Self Discharge: Reduction of 3% per month storage at 20 degrees C (average temperature)

    - Temperature work:  Zoom power ...........................................- 20 to 60 degrees C  

    Charge ............................................ ... -10 To 60 degrees C  

    Storage .......................................... ....... -20 To 60 degrees C

     - The maximum discharge 68 degrees F (20 degrees C )......... 240A (5s)
     - The short circuit 850A
     - Method of charging: charging voltage constant 68 degrees F (20 degrees C)

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    battery Vision AGM VRLA 12V-12Ah (CP12120)

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