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Super bright LED IC Manufacturers
    Giá: 30.000 vnd

  • * As you know after motorcycle use everyone has commented lights dimmed lights and rapid fire:

    • Since the lamp power supply from mobin after mobin will use electricity from weak to dim light.
    • Do not increase or decrease gas continuously running, the lamp power supply was unstable at faint light leads to reduced lamp life & fast fire.
    To overcome thisweaknesses in the Company Electronic Technology - International Telecommunication Indochina has researched and produced to market the product type Ic brightening Panasucy:

    • Increase the brightness of the bulb up to 50% with no associated increase light IC ..
    • Manage and increase lamp life
    • AVS electric power system and protection of vehicle

    • Effective traffic safety run high despite low gas but still very light so it would be better observed

    03 species of DDC Price: 30.000vnd 03 months warranty

    02 species of DDC Price: 50,000 vnd 06 month warranty

    01 species of DDC Price: 70.000vnd12 month warranty

    Giá: 30.000 vnd

  • USER GUIDE: The wires are distinguished: Black - White - Green - Brown

    o        Black wire connected to the wireless IC Panasucy black locks.

    o        White wire connected to the wireless IC Panasucy locks blue (cool)

    o        Green wire connected to the IC cool Panasucy light (from light bulbs to IC)

    o        Brown wire (red) connected to the wireless IC Panasucy brown (string lights)

    Note how the connection:

    o        Black - White - Brown, Match plug directly centered on Iraq.

    o        Green wire (wire cooling) lamps are used to remove (from the slope of the bulb cool) get a cool light bulb connected to the wires from the IC cooling is Panasucy green wire.

    Note: Not recommended for vehicles without comment.

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    Super bright LED IC Manufacturers

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