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Phone charger on motorcycle
    Giá: 40.000 vnd

  • Battery Chargers Mobile Phone Batteries Panasucy taken from your motor, power supply to recharge standard mobile phone, while you're driving on the highway that is not afraid cavalier transaction is interrupted because "all battery" to solve the above problems, Electronic Technology Company - International Telecommunication Indochina has studied success and family life machine mobile telephone battery charger mounted on motorbikes available on the effect Panasucy the market today.


    SPECIAL:Recharging Machine Panasucy
    Load cell phone battery faster
    * Increased battery life,
    * Increase talk time, standby> 2 times compared to regular phone battery charger.

    * Warranty: 06 months.

    Giá: 40.000 vnd

  • Input voltage: 12V DC

    Output voltage: 3.7V DC - 6.0V DC

    Intensity: 500 mA - 1000 mA

    Battery charger for all phones: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Speakers ...



    1) Install Mobile Phone Battery charging Panasucy car, choose your favorite location, location is most appropriate le pull (E wind) or under the seat (trunk)

    2) Connect the power cord of Machine 2 Load Pin Panasucy into two 12v DC power cord motorcycle:

    - Location le pull (E wind): the red wire to red wire connector locks, black wire connected to the green wire locks

    - Position the seat (trunk): the red wire connected to the positive (+) per battery, connect the black wire to negative (-) Average battery,

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    Phone charger on motorcycle

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