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Switches automatically turn on and off with infrared (wall)
    Giá: 200.000 vnd

  • * Characteristics:

    o The sensor uses infrared light to detect motion and automatically turn on lights:
    o   Electricity savings, luxurious, comfortable, modern and also has anti-theft

    o   Alarm turned off the lights when moving objects in the region:

    - Eg in the bathroom, when I entered the house of students from the morning, walked off with, that it takes power, loss of public support turned off, very convenient.

    -   Can be used on the front porch, front balcony, when the car in order to port the morning light, the balcony lights, the lights automatically go off. It also helps prevent theft by the thief can break through somewhere balcony or through the lights suddenly, startled thieves also, will be afraid.

    - Stay indoors when working on opening morning light, we are not groping in the dark to light!

    o   Warranty: 06 months

    Giá: 200.000 vnd

  • o scan angle of the infrared sensor:

    Angle o Horizontal (left to right): 120 o degrees,

    o Vertical angle (from above): 100 o degrees

    o Import-way remote (motion detection range): 8 -10 meters

    o Power Consumption: 0.3W

    o New features with the ability to adjust the time.

    o Using the AC power: 180v to 250v in / out

    o Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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    Switches automatically turn on and off with infrared (wall)

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