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Switches automatically turn on and off with infrared (Ceiling)
    Giá: 250.000 vnd

  • * Characteristics:

    oSensor lights when someone, automatically turn off lights when no nnguoi,

    oUse the switch to automatically shut off all power in offices, schools, factories, public places ...

    oElectricity savings, luxurious, comfortable, modern and also has anti-theft

    oAlarm turned off the lights when moving objects in the region:

    -Eg in the toilet, when the students came into the bright lights himself, walked off with, that it takes power, loss of public support turned off, very convenient.

    -Can be used on the front porch, front balcony, when the car in order to port the morning light, the balcony lights, the lights automatically go off.It also helps prevent theft by the thief can break through somewhere balcony or through the lights suddenly, startled thieves also, will be afraid.

    -At home, when work on opening morning light, we are not groping in the dark to light!

    oAdjustable performance by day and night brightness.

    oWarranty: 06 months

    Giá: 250.000 vnd

  • Technical Feature:

    oInstallation of ceiling, angle sensor 110 0

    oAdjust the brightness (lux):from 05 -> 2000 Lux

    oAdjustable time delay (delay time) 05 seconds - 600 seconds.

    oMaximum load capacity: 5A

    oVoltage: 180V - 230V, 50/60Hz

    oPower consumption: 0.016W

    oTemperature: -20 0 C to 50 0 C

    installation diagram, connector

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    Switches automatically turn on and off with infrared (Ceiling)

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